This Week's Mandala

Week of 7/16/2018
The Orca
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PS. Need colored pencils? These are my favorite.

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If you are interested in previous weeks' mandalas, they are available for purchase for $1.26.
Why $1.26? The numbers 126 have been extremely transformative in my life. They represent abundance, but more importantly, they represent giving. I believe that giving is receiving, and these numbers have shown up in my life and convinced me of this :)

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression:

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other life challenges, I highly recommend online counseling. It was my online counselor who recommended I start creating mandalas, and it was like a door opening that reignited my passion, my desire to feel alive, and it led me to create colorful. I believe we are all here to create, to be creative, and to exist on earth using our passions to help others. If you are struggling, consider investing in yourself and trying counseling.
I recommend BetterHelp. I've known and used BetterHelp for over a year. You can try BetterHelp here:
With love, Tanya

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